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Walking Support - Service Questionnaire

Walking Support is always keen to understand how our customers view the service they are provided. We recognise that by listening and responding to the customer comments we may be able to provide an even better service. We want to know how we performed and how our providers of accommodation, transport etc. delivered against your needs.

Please use the on-line response below, and feel free to make full use of the comment boxes where click boxes or drop down options are insufficient to provide the response. First we require to know something about you and the service we provided. Please answer the following:-


Date service was provided

Walking route undertaken

Service provided by Walking Support

Any special requirement sought

How would you rate the following service from Walking Support:-

Response to initial enquiry

Speed of initial response

Communications during planning process ( where applicable )

Provision of details prior to the walk

How well did the actual experience matched up to the detailed expectation

How do you rate the cost of the service to what was provided:-

Planning and arranging

Accommodation and meal provision

Baggage Transfer

Would you use and/or recommend Walking Support in the future


Only answer the following questions if your answer was NO to the above.

If the experience did not live up to the expectation was it mainly due to

If the accommodation and food, transport or baggage transfer provides failed to offer you the quality of service you expected please provide the key reason for this failure.

It would be helpful to know the name of the providers that have not given you a quality service. Please list them below and the area of failure. (all comments will be held in confidence and used by Walking Support to help select only the best providers in the future)

If you have any further comments please use the space below.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and be assured that we will review and act upon all comments received in the most appropriate way possible.

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