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Baggage Transfer

Baggage transfer near St Mary's Loch We provide baggage transfer on the Borders Abbeys Way throughout the walking season this being from April to early October. In addition we handle directly baggage movements on the Sir Walter Scott Way and the eastern section of the Southern Upland Way so long as it is part of a complete accommodation and baggage transfer package. Walking Support can also fulfil transfers on most other routes by using our preferred baggage transfer contractors. So whatever the route why not contact us for the service or a quotation.

The direct provision of baggage transfer has grown significantly and to address those who only have luggage transfer requirements we have established a dedicated website www.baggagetransfer.co.uk, or you can still use this site to find details, costs and to make reservations.

For baggage transfer details and prices on the Borders Abbeys Way click here.
For a complete accommodation and baggage transfer service on the Sir Walter Scott Way & Southern Upland Way click here.

Borders Abbeys Way

Borders Abbeys Way at Dryburgh We offer a door to door service around the complete length of the Way, the published prices based on 5 stages. Provided the accommodation is within a 1 mile radius of the route and accessible from a public road all the stage prices will be as published below.
The service prices are based on walkers travelling in a clockwise direction around the route. We will also handle walkers in an anti-clockwise direction however there may have to be a supplementary charge based on additional time and mileage for backtracking along various sections. Please contact us for details if this is the preferred direction for your walk.

Our standard FIVE stage service prices for 2020 remains unaltered from the prior year and are as follows

There is a minimum charge* of 110, this allowing for up to 2 items of luggage being transferred over the five stages.
For additional items between 3 and 4 the cost will be 40 per item
For additional items between 5 and 8 the cost will be 30 per item.
For additional items above 9 the cost will be 25 per item

If the route is being shortened or extra stops are being introduced the costs offered will be pro-rata to these above with the exception of the minimum that will remain fixed at 110.

There is a maximum** weight for any item of luggage being transfered and this is 18kgs.

* Resulting from uncertainty on fuel costs and the currency market we reserve the right to vary the above 2020 charge. Any confirmed booking will not be subject to any fuel price revision.
** Items that exceed this weight will be subject to a surcharge 20 per kg of weight over the maximum. This surcharge will be notified to the party and will be subject to immediate payment by the walkers. Items that are in excess of 22 kgs may be refused transfer and the walker simply notified as to the reason for non-transfer.
Full terms and conditions of transfer are detailed below.

To make a baggage transfer booking enquiry please complete the electonic booking form by clicking here.

Borders Abbeys Way arriving and departing by the Borders Railway
With the Border Rail link between Edinburgh Waverley Station and Tweedbank (close by Melrose and the Borders Abbeys Way) we are offering an enhanced baggage transfer service to walkers on this circular route.
We can arrange to meet walkers arriving at Tweedbank off a morning train and collect their luggage for transfer and at the end of the route we can provide a timed delivery back to Tweedbank station at a suitable time in the afternoon.
rail 1 rail 2 rail 3
The Royal Train on it final stage to the Official Opening at Tweedbank Station - 9th September 15

Price of the rail related service
There is a minimum charge of 130***, this allowing for up to 2 items of luggage being transferred over the five stages. For items greater than two the rates are as shown above for the standard package.

*** This is made up of a standard 110 rate for 5 moves and a single 20 to cover timed pick up and delivery at the station, this 20 applying to all groups regardless of the number of bags in that group.

If by using this service the walk is divided into six sections then the minimum charge of 152, this allowing for up to 2 items of luggage being transferred.
For additional items between 3 and 4 the cost will be 48 per item
For additional items between 5 and 8 the cost will be 36 per item.
For additional items above 9 Walking Support will provide details on request.

There is a maximum weight for any item of luggage being transfered and this is 18kgs. The same conditions that pertain to the standard Borders Abbeys Way transfers, as detailed above, regarding weight and transfer apply to the rail package.

To make a baggage transfer booking enquiry please e-mail Walking Support with your dates, number of bags and contact details.

Walking Support is also able to provide a full planning, booking and luggage transfer service on this walking route. This introduces new package opportunites and more evenly divided daily walking distances. For more details on these packages link to www.bordersabbeysway.com.

Full terms and conditions of transfer are detailed below.

Sir Walter Scott Way & Southern Upland Way combined accommodation and baggage transfer service

Sir Walter Scott Way near Ettrick Head We can offers a door to door luggage transfer service along the length of the Sir Walter Scott Way & the Southern Upland Way so long as this is part of a complete accommodation booking and bag transfer package planned and delivered by Walking Support.
We no longer offer only a luggage transfer package as the numbers walking these routes make such a service on its own unsustainable.

Walking Support already offers a full package to walkers on both the Southern Upland Way and the Sir Walter Scott Way and we will continue to deliver this service. Within such a package we will plan the walking holiday to suit your walking and accommodation preferences and we will insure that such a package will include luggage transfer and any transport services that are required.
We will on receipt of an enquiry first prepare an outline plan and cost estimate, only once this has been accepted are there any commitments made on the part of the walker or walking group.
Having serviced these walking routes for many years in terms of a planning and booking business we can guarentee any walker a first class package at extremely competitive prices.

Full terms and conditions of transfer are detailed below.

Terms and Conditions for baggage/luggage transfer

The item is defined as a single piece of luggage not exceeding 18kg. If the weight is exceeded Walking Support is entitled to charge a supplement. Items in excess of 22 kg may be refused transfer.
Pick up and drop off points require to be no further than 1 mile from the line of the route or 1 mile outside the center of the communities that lie on the route.
The luggage needs to be available for collection in the morning by 9.15 am and we will have it delivered to the next address by 5.30 pm at latest, but we would hope that this could be in many cases much earlier.
The responsibility for insurance of the luggage in transit rests with the individual and not with the carrier. We therefore recommend that you do not include items of value or items that are easily damaged. Walking Support can advise you regarding low cost comprehensive holiday insurance that includes luggage protection.
A deposit of 25% of the cost is required at the time of booking. This is non refundable. The balancing sum must be paid in advance of the start date or, with agreement with Walking Support, be available for collection with the bag/s at the first pick-up point.
In the case of large groups special rates can be quoted.
The service operates between Easter and the end of September. Services outside this period will be considered dependent on demand.

On-Line Booking Enquiry

Please provide the following information:-

Name of Contact Person

Name of Group or Charity (if applicable)

Mailing address

Contact telephone number

Contact FAX number

E-mail address if different to the one presently being used

Special offer code (if applicable)

Route requiring Baggage Transfer. Select from the list below

* A supplementary charge may apply

Starting date for Walk

Number of days to be taken on the walk

If greater please specify

Number of Luggage Items to be transferred

If greater please specify


It submitting this Baggage Transfer Enquiry run by Walking Support you acknowledge and accept the conditions of trade as details above.

All invoicing will be through and payments made to our parent company SCSupport Ltd.



Walking Support is able to receive deposits and payments for our various services using electronic means. We can acccept the following card payments using a secure payment system.
Payment Cards

With on-line transaction we require to apply a 3.9% transaction fee to cover our costs of such a money transfer. All payments are to be in (sterling) and where there is an international client with currency transfer costs these have to be carried by the payer along with any payer and payee bank charges.

Payment is through our registered trading business SCSupport Ltd and we will either issue you with an Invoice in advance of payment or a Receipt on receipt of a payment. Payment can be by cheque, bank transfer or by on-line payment.
If you are going to pay by on-line card transaction a "buy now" button on the e-mail invoice will be included, simply click on this and follow the simple payment steps.

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